About Us

Boğaziçi LifeSci was established in 2010 with the motto of “Providing the production of knowledge and technology to understand and improve life”, with the gathering of academics working in the fields of life sciences, health and biotechnology within the body of Boğaziçi University. Bringing researchers and scientific expertise from various academic units together with an interdisciplinary working spirit, LifeSci has 50 academic members from 13 departments of Boğaziçi University, approximately 380 graduate students and 40 technical personnel. Lifesci operates in 3 locations, its main headquarters located in the “Kandilli Science, Technology and Research Building” in the Kandilli Campus of Boğaziçi University, the North Campus and the Sarıtepe Campus. At LifeSci, which is one of the few research centers in Turkey where research focusing on the breakthrough technologies of the future can be conducted at a very advanced level, world-class scientific research is produced for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including cancer. In our center, exemplary and pioneering research projects for our country such as micro and nano devices, imaging methods and analyzes at the molecular level, robotic devices, materials for biosensing platforms, smart drug delivery systems, vaccine delivery technologies, and food supplements from algae are carried out. Worldwide scientific research is carried out for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including cancer. Our infrastructure, which gathers all stages from scientific idea to clinical trials in research under a single center, consists of six units:lifesci-merkez-bina Medical Device Development (Clean Room) Unit, Animal Care and Production Unit (Vivarium), Test-Analysis Unit, Targeted Treatment Technologies Animal Imaging Unit, Pilot Production Facilities, Microalgae Biorefinery Since our establishment, we have more than 100 scientific research projects, our members have around 1200 publications with high impact, and more than 10,000 citations. On the other hand, our center, which has 13 international patents related to research, continues to apply for many new patents. With its new units and strengthened infrastructure, Boğaziçi Lifesci aims to create and expand services not only for internal and external academic projects, but also for companies and international projects, especially for SMEs. Our center is supported by the “R&D Support Labs for Life Sciences SMEs toward Global Competitiveness” within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the co-financing of the European Union & Republic of Turkey. , and aims to accelerate research and development studies focused on added value. One of the center’s important priorities is the rapid transfer of scientific research and new technologies to our national industry. With the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, many projects are carried out to develop the health industry and support entrepreneurship. The Center, in cooperation with other academic and industrial institutions, aims to provide infrastructure for large projects that aim to contribute to the Turkish economy and improve the quality of human life by creating innovative approaches and products.
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