In 2009, with significant financial support from the Turkish Ministry of Development, Boğaziçi University academicians working in the fields of life sciences, health and biotechnology jointly set up a research and development center. Boğaziçi University Center for Life Sciences and Technologies was officially established on August 4, 2010, when its statute was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, issue no. 27662. Founding purposes of the Center are;

  1. To bring together researchers and scientists from various academic disciplines with an interdisciplinary team approach,
  2. To conduct innovative research and development considered at a global level in priority areas designated by the Center,
  3. To provide the necessary infrastructure for large-scale projects whose objectives are economic contribution and improvement in the quality of human life, by means of cooperation with other academic and industrial organizations and through innovative approaches and products;
  4. To contribute to the education and training of qualified researchers whom Turkey is in urgent need of, and
  5. To become an internationally recognized center of excellence and attraction

in the field of life sciences and technologies.

Currently, about 50 faculty members from Boğaziçi University’s 13 departments (Molecular Biology and Genetics, Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Foreign Language Education, Linguistics)  continue their research activities in the Center.

In 2011, the Center’s Strategic Plan was drawn following a workshop and a series of meetings among academic members of the Center and interested parties from state and private institutions. The Center’s mission was defined as “generating knowledge and technology for the purpose of understanding and improving life” and its vision as “becoming a cradle of knowledge and playing a leading role in innovation and technology in life sciences”. The Center’s general assembly of academicians and its management board hold regular meetings to assess progress as part of the Strategic Plan. “Microsystem Based Medical Device Development (Clean Room)”, “Vivarium” and “Test - Analysis” units have been built and this infrastructure is being used regularly and more and more intensively by both academic and private researchers, making the facility a center of excellence in its area of expertise.

Since its establishment, the Center has attached great importance to the cooperation between university and industry. Major regional projects carried out within this context are Inovita, Life Sciences and Technologies Istanbul Collaboration Platform” and “Inovita Health Technologies Hatching Center” which are supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, “Life Sciences and Technologies University-Industry Researcher Training Program” and “ISEK – Health Industry Cluster of Istanbul”, backed by the Turkish Ministry of Development. Through the Inovita projects, the Center has taken on the function of an interface between university, industry and state.

Boğaziçi University Center for Life Sciences and Technologies continues to perform all of its activities in line with the mission and vision defined in its Strategic Plan which is updated every two years.