"Principles, Advantages, Applications and Cases of Bioprinting" Seminar

02 October 2018

Boğaziçi-BME/Lifesci & Inovita & ISEK Joint Seminar

(This seminar will be in Turkish.)

Principles, Advantages, Applications and Cases of Bioprinting

Can Garipoglu, Axolotl Biosystems, Istanbul

October 2nd, 2018 (Tuesday);   13.00 – 15.00 

Biomedical Engineering Institute, AZ-19, Boğaziçi University Kandilli Campus

About the Seminar:

Bioprinting is a rapidly developing technological front with potentially revolutionary effects on medical sciences. This technology offers high sensitivity in spatial placement of cells, proteins, even genes, medicines and biologically active particles in tissue engineering. This emerging area benefits several exciting fields in medical biotechnology, e.g.: transplantation, drug testing, functional tissue and organ manufacturing for cancer or disease modelling... Can Garipoglu’s joint startup with Onur Samet Yıldırım is AxolotlBio 3D Bioprinting Systems; it creates high-resolution desktop 3D bioprinters and special bio-ink materials, with capability to produce functional three dimensional living tissues. Aiming to reduce high costs of traditional 3D bioprinting systems and giving accessibility to researchers in terms of their flexible open system architecture, their vision is to make their approach one of the main platforms for bioengineering laboratories around the world.

About the Speaker:

After graduating from the university as a chemist, Can Garipoğlu worked in several Cosmetic companies in R&D and Management Departments until 2012. In addition to the experience implementing several successful R&D projects in these companies, he also finished two separate Master Degrees in Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetic Sciences, from Ege and Yeditepe Universities respectively. During this period as a technical Consultant in healthcare companies he implemented several R&D turn-key projects, and acted as a University-Industry Collaboration expert and advisor at Yıldız Technopark. In 2016, Can Garipoğlu and Onur Samet Yıldırım established a new company AxolotlBio there, to produce 3D Bioprinting Systems and Equipment here in Turkey.