Seminar on Design Thinking

26 February 2016

Seminar Department of Industrial Engineering

Design Thinking by  Nader Nada (Fatih University, Industrial Engineering Department) 


Design Thinking is revolutionizing process to design, prototype and  test a new product, service, or business process model. The principles and processes of Design Thinking withing a given time are helping to directly approach complex problems, innovate collaboratively, and create holistic, sustainable solutions with a human-centered focus. Design Thinking is  a reliable way of developing highly desirable products and services, using users empathy techniques. Understanding the user’s needs will facilitate solutions that are not only feasible and viable, but − most importantly − wanted. Therefore, the DT process emphasizes the usage of tools and strategies to better understand the customer’s human needs. In order to innovate beyond what already exists, in Design Thinking usually it is required to  test and experience an idea to find its true value and functionality using several  prototyping techniques. The iterative character of Design Thinking encourages the design team to craft better solutions by learning from early, and inexpensive mistakes. Solving complex problems often requires the incorporation of multiple perspectives and the knowledge of many disciplines. The Design Thinking process allows  to effectively channel the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration by creating a shared situation awareness and establishing a common language in addressing problems − the foundation for successful co−creation. In order to make this method accessible to our graduate students, industry partners, innovative start−ups and passionate entrepreneurs, we are offering a master graduate program and several Design Thinking project based learning courses on Innovation and entrepreneurship in cooperation with our industry partners.

Short Bio:

Prof. Dr. Nader Nada is the founder of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program and Design Thinking Lab at Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey. He received his PhD degree from George Mason University, VA, and his MS degree from Minnesota State University, MN. In 1991 he received the Achievement Award from the American Achievement Academy. He was NASA Fellow for three successive years. Dr. Nada joined Fatih University in 2010 and is currently the founder and chair of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduate program and the founder of the Design Thinking and Innovation Lab in Istanbul for prototyping and developing innovative products, services, processes, business models, frameworks and integrated solutions in cooperation with industrial and government partners.

Dr. Nada has a wide range of experience in conception and management of R&I projects, technology transfer, and the promotion and commercial exploitation of R&I results. Dr. Nada has gained considerable experience in managing R&I projects and exploiting R&I results through his participation in numerous projects in US with NASA,  NSF, and in Europe within the frameworks of FP7 and H2020 Programs. Over the last 15 years he has consulted and trained a wide variety of public and private large, medium, small and startup companies and organizations in the areas of Creativity, Design Thinking, Strategic Management, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Energy Efficiency, Clean Production, coaching in R&I and entrepreneurial corporate and SMEs strategies formulation.  

His current research interests include, Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Digital Media, Networking Platforms, R&I Platforms, Open innovation applications, Design & Idea platforms, Creative Design Co-Creation,  Intermediary open innovation services,  Product Ideas, Crowd Sourcing,  Branding, Design Thinking, Marketing, Design & Idea platforms, Crowed Funding, Cloud Computing SaaS, e-Business systems and technologies, CleanTech., Sustainable Systems including Renewable Energy, Clean Production, and Energy Efficiency.
He published seven books (Two on Creativity and Innovation Management co-authored with Mark Fox, USA) and over 100 journal and conference papers in the areas of his interest. He is currently the chair of the graduate program in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at Fatih University, Istanbul.

DATE : February 26, 2016

TIME : 15:00-16:00