Seminar on "Optical Manipulation and its Applications to Micro and Nanotechnology"

13 December 2016

Boğaziçi BME/Lifesci/Inovita/ISEK Joint Seminar: Optical Manipulation and its Applications to Micro and Nanotechnology 

Speaker: Alessandro Magazzu (Post-Doc, Advisor: Assist. Prof. Giovanni Volpe, Bilkent University, Ankara)

Date and time: 13 December 2016 (Tuesday);   13.00 – 15.00 

Place: Biyomedikal Mühendisliği Enstitüsü, AZ-19,  Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kandilli Yerleşkesi, İstanbul

About the Seminar: The idea of trapping and moving objects has been fascinating scientists since the beginning of the century. However, it started to become a reality on the micro and nano-scale only in 1970s. Since then, optical tweezers (OT) have been successfully applied to various research fields and have become quite popular due to the simplicity and economical nature of the setups involved. Optical tweezers have revolutionized the study of microscopic systems allowing the manipulation and assembling of biomolecules, cells and nanostructures among many other micro- and nanosystems. Usually, trapped particles are suspended in aqueous solutions, mimicking the living cells inside their native environment and allowing such systems to be studied without physical contact. Moreover, optical tweezers can be used as quantitative tools to exert calibrated forces on systems of interest as well as accurately and sensitively measure the forces and displacements generated by the systems under investigation. By measuring the forces generated in various chemical reactions inside biological systems with the help of OT, it is also possible to gain new and essential insights into the dynamics and mechanisms of molecular motors as well as mechanical properties of biological macromolecules. This seminar will introduce the audience to the physics behind the trapping phenomena, provide a general description of OT and will describe some of the common biomedical applications. Another important line of research with novel applications is the coupling of OT with Raman spectroscopy, which will also be discussed. Finally the seminar will focus on some specific applications of OT related to the investigation of critical density fluctuations inside a binary mixture. It will be showed a micro-critical engine resulting from the combination of optical forces with density fluctuations.

About the SpeakerAlessandro MAGAZZU is a Post-Doc at soft matter group of Bilkent University. Here he is working mainly on the investigation of critical Casimir forces. He received his PhD degree from the Physics Department of University of Messina (Italy) in 2015. Thanks to a partnership agreement between University of Messina and “National Research Centre, Institute of Chemical Physical Processes” CNR-IPCF, he developed his PhD project at CNR-IPCF, on the dynamics of optically trapped SiNWs. During his Master studies he worked with neutron scattering spectroscopy, photon correlation spectroscopy, Raman and infra-red spectroscopy.