National eHealth Living Lab – Upscaling of Digital Health in the Netherlands

31 Mayıs 2021

1 June 2021 (Tuesday);   13.00 – 14.00 

About The Seminar:

In this talk, the mission of National eHealth Living lab (NeLL) will be presented: how to assess quality of digital health and how to deal with bottlenecks in large scale implementation and upscaling with examples from the Netherlands. Examples will be given, including the presenter’s own PhD study, focusing on AI powered decision support for cardiovascular risk management in primary care.

About the Speaker:

Hine van Os is the General Manager of The National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL, since January 2019.

“… NeLL is a collaborative community that is focused on new e-Health-tools and their further development. NeLL offers an interactive platform where healthcare consumers and professionals, the business community and public organisations make contact to share knowledge, information and experience. The platform online and interactive, combining the website with in-person meetings, including workshops, expert panels, etc. …

…It is an open platform: open to anyone associated with or interested in eHealth. NeLL is committed to open source and open science, which means that we share all insights…..”

Hine van Os continues his research as part of the MD/PhD-programme of the LUMC.