"Neuro-Genetics of Emotional Behaviors" Konulu Seminer

27 Ekim 2017

Neuro-Genetics of Emotional Behaviors

Hasan Demirci, Ph.D., Stanford University                                                                                                                                                                                                     

27 Ekim 2017 (Cuma); 15:00

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kuzey Kampüs, Kuzey Park, Kat 3, KP 315 (Seminer Salonu)

Seminer Hakkında: Mood disorders are the most prevalent class of psychiatric illness. Rodents behaviors have heavily been used as preclinical models to find possible mechanisms of these disorders. Despite more than five decades of research using rodent models, clinics outcome of these efforts has been disappointing. Emotional states are shared between human and animals, as observed by behavioral manifestation, physiological responses and gene conservation. Modelling mood disorders with a small neurogenetic animal will further aid in the elucidation of the molecular and neuronal basis of these disorders. At Duke-NUS, I am genetically targeting dopaminergic cells in Drosophila flies for self-stimulation experiments and have Identified VTA/NaC like structure in fruit flies which encode reward and punishment. In this seminar, I will be presenting my work to show that rodent neurogenetic research may be complemented by Drosophila neurogenetic models and can be used to produce novel insights into the research on emotional behaviors.