"Promises and Challenges in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development and Personalized Cancer Therapy" Başlıklı Seminer

26 Şubat 2019

Boğaziçi-BME/Lifesci - İnovita &- İSEK Ortak Semineri


Promises and Challenges in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development and Personalized Cancer Therapy

26 Şubat 2019 (Salı);   13.00 – 14.00 

Biomedikal Mühendisliği Enstitüsü, AZ-19,  Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kandilli Kampüsü, İstanbul


Soner Altıok, M.D., PhD.

Professor of  Pathology and Oncological Sciences at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida


Seminer Hakkında: 

The recent advancements in immunotherapy revolutionized the treatment options for cancer patients. The rapid development of novel immuno-oncology (IO) programs is creating a need for developing predictive preclinical models and translational strategies to better understand resistance and sensitivity to IO treatments, discover relevant biomarkers and develop rational drug combination approaches. Tumor microenvironment (TME) is a dynamic ecosystem characterized by profound cellular heterogeneity and complex intercellular cross-talk affecting the tumor growth and the response to immunotherapy. We will discuss our novel approach using clinically relevant 3D tumoroid models with intact TME for screening IO therapeutics and developing translational strategies to support precision immuno-oncology for patient care.


Konuşmacı Hakkında:

Prof Altiok holds an M.D. degree from the Medical School of Istanbul and a Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Basel in Switzerland. Dr. Altiok completed his postdoctoral training at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and his clinical training in Pathology and Cytopathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He was an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine before joining the Moffitt Cancer Center in 2007. As a physician scientist, he has broad expertise in pathology, immuno-oncology drug development and personalized cancer care.